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Rabu, 30 November 2011

Cheat Character Permanent

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Are you looking for cheat point blank 20 and 21 November 2011? I will guarantee this cheat will always work and you can use to play point blank. As in Hack Character Point Blank, Please use and feel the difference using a cheat replace character point blank new. For questions please use comment box below. Thank you for visit

Tutorial :
[-] Open PB Launcher
[-] Open Injector
[-] See the injector First (Do not extract nothing)
[-] Click on Replace Robot
[-] Then Click Start PB
[-] And extract the file folder SWAT_MALE to point blank folder/ chara

Anda Baru Saja Membaca Artikel Tentang Cheat Character Permanent ,Anda Boleh Menyebarluaskan / Mengcopy Paste Artikel Cheat Character Permanent Ini Bermanfaat Buat Anda , Namun Saya Mohon Untuk Mencantumkan Link Cheat Character Permanent Sebagai SumberNya.

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